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Where little feet make big steps

Where little feet
make big steps

Parent Referral Program

Parent Referral Program

How Does It Work?

We hold the referral of family or friends for child care at our schools in high esteem, as it is the ultimate compliment from parents. Your unwavering trust and confidence in us is deeply appreciated, and we are thrilled to introduce our Parent Referral Program as a token of our gratitude. As a thank you for every new enrollment resulting from your recommendation, you will receive a $150 TUITION CREDIT. Rest assured that each time a child enrolls in any of our locations as a result of your referral, you will be credited with $150 towards tuition.

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Holiday Schedule

If a holiday falls on a Saturday, the Friday immediately before is the legal holiday. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday is the legal holiday.

Parents Handbook

Parents of students in our schools express deep gratitude for the outstanding education their children receive.

How do I get started?

The referral program is easy. Just download the Parent Referral Form, fill in the referral information, and submit it to your school director. Once the new family has used our child care services for a period of four weeks, your account will be credited accordingly. Your school director will also notify you by a message.

Kind Words From Parents

Ariane Blondin2008 (East Arlington Family Daycare)
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My daughter Lola was enrolled at Elizabeth's day care from September 2006 to July 2008, between the ages of 5 months to 2.4 years. I was always satisfied with the level of care that Lola received from Elizabeth and her staff. Lola enjoyed playing music, reading book, drawing pictures and playing outside in a safe environment. Most of all, Lola loved to go to day care and got very attached to Elizabeth and her staff and for our family, learning Spanish was an additional incentive to sing her up. Now Lola is big enough to go to preschool but she will keep found memories of her early experience outside of home.
Molly & Ben Sandrof2020 (Arlington Heights Family Daycare)
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Dear Ms. Liz and the Elizabeth's Daycare team, In the summer of 2018, our son William started as a three month old baby at Elizabeth's Daycare. From enrollment to his first day, the process to felt easy, manageable and supportive. Throughout William's time at Elizabeth's, he was showered with love and attention from the detail oriented staff. He developed relationships with his teachers and other children. The Elizabeth's Team helped us navigate important developmental milestones and were communicative about his progress. William always slept great at daycare. We had a lot of fun with the curriculum, and William's first word was "agua." We felt lucky that he was embracing learning Spanish. In the fall of 2019, our second son Miles started at Elizabeth's Daycare. Despite the chaos, we felt really great about leaving both boys with the team at Elizabeth's. They provided daily updates on both boys, and William learned to look in after his younger brother Miles. When I would go to pick them up, Ms. Alisa always helped me bring Wiliam to the car as it was hard to carry them both! We had to make a change in childcare after the pandemic, but we highly recommend Elizabeth's daycare. They are warm, compassionate, through and the curriculum was great for both William and Miles.
Erica Capozzi10/2008 (East Arlington Family Daycare)
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66 "We have been with Elizabeth's Day care for 2 year 1/2. We are very happy with our day care. Its is very important to us that the instructions that we provided on our daughter's care are followed. Elizabeth always follows our instructions and provides our daughter with the love and care that are so integral when you have your child enrolled in a full time day care. Also, physical activity and learning are also important to us. Every day there must be hours of playtime and learning so that our child can develop and have fun. Our daughter is doing wonderfully both in her physical and educational development. Elizabeth's Day care and staff love our child like she is their own. My husband and I are very grateful to have found Elizabeth and hope that she and her family continue to do the great work they do. I am happy to be a reference for any new parents looking into day care!
McCarthy Family2023 (Arlington Heights Family Daycare)
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We are so grateful for our friends at EDC who have done somuch for us. We have been scrolling through the first pictures in Brightwheel and having all the feels. We hope to keep intouch with all of you! Ps - Ailais obsessed with her hello kitty, wouldn't put it downall night. "
Lianna SwansonEast Arlington Family Daycare
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My name is Lianna Swanson and my 2 year old son Damian Swanson has been attending Elizabeth's Daycare since March of 2008.Throughout his tenure at the day care, I've had no complaints and no incidents. Elizabeth gives me a detailed account of his activities during the day, including meals and nap time. She also keeps me updated about up to date caretaker licenses and safety training (such as CPR & First Aid). Any issue or concern I have regarding his time in day care is addressed in a helpful, non-confrontational and reassuring manner. I feel comfortable communicating with my day care provider and confident that any question will be solved to my satisfaction. Above all, my son was healthy and happy in Elizabeth's daycare."
Lai Ying & Gowri2019 (Arlington Heights Family Daycare)
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To Elizabeth's Daycare Ms. Liz Thank you so much for all your support and care for Arjun! We feel so lucky to have had such a warm and caring place.We are sad to leave such a wonderful daycare behind. Wishing you and staff a great holidays 2020!