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Creating tomorrow's leaders today

Creating tomorrow's
leaders today

Infant Program

Our Infant Program provides a nurturing and comfortable space for up to 14 infants. It features two classrooms, each licensed to accommodate seven children daily. At this tender age, building a strong bond with a primary caregiver is crucial and can have a lasting impact on future relationships. That’s why each classroom is staffed with three dedicated professionals who ensure that every child receives personalized attention and care. ​     Our Infant 1 and Infant 2 classrooms have been thoughtfully crafted to create a peaceful and nurturing atmosphere for babies, where they can receive personalized attention to help them grow and prosper. Our teachers spend quality time with each infant, providing them with learning opportunities and taking care of their basic needs such as feeding, changing, and dressing. We make sure to provide adequate rest and relaxation time, and there are plenty of opportunities for cuddling and rocking throughout the day. These interactions create a strong bond of trust between the caregiver and the infant, which is integral to their development. ​    

 In order to meet the needs of infants, routine and relationships are essential for providing predictability. Teachers and parents work closely together before infants enter the classroom to establish schedules for feedings, diaper changes, naps, and playtime. This approach ensures that each infant receives individualized attention and stays on schedule. Daily activities are tailored to each infant’s unique pattern of eating, playing, and sleeping. Although routines may vary slightly between home and the classroom due to group dynamics, our teachers maintain close communication with parents to establish and maintain each child’s daily rhythm.  ​     Infants are naturally curious and eager to explore and develop new skills. Our teaching staff fosters this innate curiosity by providing a nurturing environment with developmentally appropriate materials and experiences that engage all of their senses. Through this approach, infants gain knowledge about the world around them that will serve as a foundation for future learning. Our curriculum is based on the Massachusetts Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers, and infants are assessed every three months according to these standards. ​     At our facility, we prioritize providing ample opportunity for tummy time and floor time to help our infants develop self-assurance and physical abilities under the attentive guidance and supervision of our trained teachers. We encourage exploration, which fosters creativity, self-motivation, and an early curiosity for learning. Daily classroom activities include singing, reading, talking, and playing, and we incorporate Spanish Language and American Sign Language to facilitate communication between infants and teachers. We understand that each infant develops at their own pace, and our teachers are committed to supporting this natural process.

Infant Tuition

2024 - 2025

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