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Play, Learn, Grow

Play, Learn, Grow


Our teachers will ensure that our little ones get both indoor and outdoor time when the weather is appropriate. Toddlers will enjoy spending time outside on our private playground area and exploring the world around them on relaxing walks in our buggy. Inside, our teachers will provide lessons to help strengthen their newly emerging skills.

These will include sensory activities, gross and fine motor activities, sign language lessons, music, socialization time, reading time, and free exploration. Our teachers will also speak to the toddlers in Spanish throughout the day, as their little minds are sponges and are more than capable of learning another language. You can specify in your child’s individual plan how often you would like your child to be spoken to in Spanish during the day. Our features include a private outdoor playground space, a buggy for exploration walks, music, low student-to-teacher ratios, individualized plans, and bilingual education in English and Spanish.

Preschool Tuition

2024 - 2025

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